Fear is Expensive!

Welcome to CheInspires™ – this is my personal journey to ditching fear and living my best life! I lost many years being scared and waiting. Waiting for that perfect time, waiting to lose weight, waiting to be loved – when all along I had it in me to live my best life! This is why I say that FEAR IS EXPENSIVE. Are you living or waiting?


“She Believed She Could So She Did”

 Che Haughton, born in Shreveport, Louisiana, made in Atlanta, Georgia, is on a journey to EMPOWER, EDUCATE, ENCOURAGE and ENLIGHTEN EVERYONE! Che has lost a total of 160 pounds through mental healing, diet and exercise. She gained popularity by sharing her journey with all of those in need of an example to live their best life.

Che is a mother to an amazing daughter, Aubrienne. Through the power of social media, Che has established a powerful connection with numerous women and men all over the world by sharing her testimonies, struggles, joys and pains throughout her journey of self-discovery.

As an employee, business owner, student, mother, amongst many other things, we can all attest to it being hard to finding time for oneself. However, Che found time over the last seven years to dig deeper into why she turned to food for love and support. Being a fatherless child, being bullied throughout her school years, failed relationships, all contributed to her being unhappy and unhealthy at her highest weight of 325 pounds. Through her discovery, she found her purpose. That purpose was to encourage others to get to the root cause of their issues, turn that pain into passion and live freely. By finding that purpose, she shed 160 pounds, learned to love herself and leads in a way that shows others that it is possible too. Turning that Pain into Passion!

She currently has a wellness network of over 5000 men and women all over the world, where they share recipes, weight loss tips, exercises, progress and encouragement daily! Join CheInspires-Fat2Fit(https://m.facebook.com/groups/142312606175734)

Che has committed her gift of knowledge in wellness and self-love to sharing with all that will listen.

Instagram: @cheinspires
Website: www.cheinspires.com

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